ISNET Series Website

The online knowledge base of the Information and Statistics in Nuclear Experiment and Theory (ISNET) series


Page for collaborations related to ISNET and contact people/ websites for the collaborations.

  • BAND. The Bayesian Analysis for Nuclear Dynamics (BAND) collaboration is creating a framework to “use advanced statistical methods to produce forecasts for as-yet-unexplored situations that combine nuclear-physics models in an optimal way.”

  • BUQEYE. The online home of the Bayesian Uncertainty Quantification: Errors in Your EFT (BUQEYE) collaboration. Their work concerns quantifying and studying nuclear effective field theories using Bayesian statistics.

  • LENPIC. The Low Energy Nuclear Physics International Collaboration (LENPIC) “is a new project that aims to develop chiral effective field theory nucleon-nucleon and three-nucleon interactions complete through fourth order in the chiral expansion (N3LO). Using these new interactions, LENPIC aims to solve the structure and reactions of light nuclei including electroweak observables with consistent treatment of the corresponding exchange currents.”

  • NUCLEI. The NUclear Computational Low-Energy Initiative (NUCLEI) “project builds upon recent successes in large-scale computations of atomic nuclei to provide results critical to nuclear science and nuclear astrophysics, and to nuclear applications in energy and national security.”

Last updated on 4 Jan 2021
Published on 4 Jan 2021
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